Quit Law and Code

A guide based on my own experience to help you form your exit strategy to leave law and become a paid, professional, software developer.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Just Quit
  • Why Software Development
  • Can You Do This?
  • Finding a Transitory Job
  • The Fastest Way to Employment
  • Is There Another Path?
  • Different “Technology Stacks”
  • Shopping List
  • Freelancing
  • The Action Plan
  • The Technical Interview
  • Congratulations

Interviews With

  • Dennis Cahillane, a former biglaw IP associate turned Ruby hacker and digital nomad.
  • Danielle Leong, a self taught Front-end Web Developer at Twilio.
  • Roy McFarland, an attorney turned software developer at a Boulder, Colorado based software development shop.

Learn to Code. Start your new life.

Software is eating the world. There's opportunity in the shifting paradigm. Learn how being a laywer is an asset in technology.

A new life

You're closer than you think. Transition in a year.

Becoming just an entry level professional software developer can take as little as a year if you follow the track laid out in this book. Explore both traditional and informal routes.


Learn the logistics. Have student loans? Financial constraints?

A career shift is tricky when there are financial constraints. Consider the options to see if this is a viable path - likely it is.

Working with logistics
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About the author

Now a full time software developer specializing in iOS development, Will Ha works for a consulting firm on a variety native mobile products. Prior to making the shift, he was an associate at a defense side litigation firm for two years after graduating from law school in 2008 - in the midst of the great recession. He was also a woodworker, a solo criminal law attorney, and a buyer in retail - all short lived before seeing the software path.